Channel Readiness Evaluation

How do you know if your company is ready for the channel? Do you have the resources and experts in place to execute an indirect go-to-market strategy? Our Channel Readiness Evaluation will help answer those questions by identifying potential gaps and strengths that will allow you to succeed. Finally, GetChanneled will customize a program that meets your company’s needs.

Virtual Channel Chief

Changing a vendor business model isn’t like flipping a switch. Building an effective channel program requires a strong company commitment and a professional focus. You need experienced specialists who can build strategic relationships with the key partners, associations, and media. GetChanneled provides the direction and guiding hands needed to ensure you and your company’s channel success.

Content Marketing

Do you know how to get the attention of high potential channel partners? Is your company using direct marketing resources and messaging to engage the MSP community? Multi-channel promotions are significantly more challenging than straight product marketing ─ it’s a lot like spinning plates. GetChanneled simplifies the process and enables channel partners, giving you the tools and platform to deliver the most effective message.

Social Promotion

What’s the best way to deliver your company’s message to MSPs, solution providers and other channel partners? Through targeted social networks. The GetChanneled team creates and tailors content to support our clients’ customer value propositions, and manages the delivery networks. Extend your reach to thousands of channel professionals today!


“If you are thinking about launching your channel program, save yourself time and more than a few mistakes and call GetChanneled.”

Rob T. Rae, VP of Business Development

“From designing a channel strategy all the way through execution and generating sales, Ted and team know how to get it done.”

Sam Guttman, Early Stage Investor, Founder of Intronis, Inc

“The GetChanneled team understands strategically what key ingredients are needed to make a program work.”

Jerry Koutavas, President

“After completing our original agreement in November of 2017, we have discussed plans of building out a reseller opportunity together in the future as we continue to grow. I would highly recommend engaging Ted Roller and Get Channeled as a strategy to improve your business.”

Ryan Goodman, ConnectBooster


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